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MSR's Storybrook County - a Berryfication Project

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MSR's Storybrook County - a Berryfication Project

A proper link to Storybrook County will be supplied in about a week due to the 'new members not being allowed to post external links' rule. P:

This is MSR's Storybrook County:

Sorry for the sketchy look of the page. I think MSR is revamping the website at the moment. Because it's so sketchy (aka: hard to read), I've included the description of the world below, but feel free to browse the above link for images of this truly beautiful world.

Storybrook County
Requires Sims 3 Base Game + WA + Ambitions + Late Night + Pets (Generations optional)
World Size: Large
Type of World: Half city, half town with farmlands
Description: This stunning world is a city and a town on each side of the hills. The city side has a beautiful creek alongside with two waterfalls. The town has rolling farmlands surrounding it and everything for your sims. You can live on either side with few careers exclusively in one part. This world has a lite version with no lots built in that only requires WA.

Mind you, this is just a link to the original world and not my Berryfied version of it. Although I've e-mailed MSR for permission to Berry-fy it and make public a savefile download, and although I've gotten said permission, I've.. pretty much just started on it. And I actually have to RESTART it (good thing I've only done like, three houses) because it's not CC-free... and I think it would be the best move for sharing purposes if I just went ahead and made everything CC-free.

Now, the dilemma comes with this: I'm not sure if I should fill a decent amount of the locations with Sims I've created. I've got a ton of CC and I get kind of... obsessive with using it to create my Sims. XD; I think it's a very rare happenstance if I use a non-CC hair or if I don't use my contacts. Also, I have non-default sliders, so I don't know if that'd make things all wonky or not. ALSO, I fully enjoy elf ears. *_* But I don't know how everyone else feels about that....

So, three questions:
    1. Should I make Sims to go with the save file, or leave it empty?

    2. If I do make Sims, should I go completely CC-free or just list to the main sliders/skin/contacts/etc I use?

    3. If I do make Sims, would y'all want elf ears on some of the sims or none at all?

Note: Moderators, I have the permission granting e-mails saved somewhere if you need more proof than my word. I don't mind finding them to show you! XD

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Master News and/or Updates Post

Current status:
I have this thread mostly set up, but I'm really too tired right now to actually make a list of the lots, their sizes, if they're empty, residential, or community lots, and etc.

That being said, here are some important bits of information to keep in mind:

  1. I just got a job again, and I'm learning how to run a touch screen register, how to run lottery to all the people who spit words at you because they're veteran lottery players and expect you to know what they're talking about, I'm a college student, and I try to fit in a personal life somewhere in there. I've got work, homework, college projects, exams, my boyfriend and a tiny amount of friends in the "real world" (because the majority of my friends are online, bahaha), so my time available to dedicate to this project will be rather spread out.

  2. With the above having been mentioned, I'm totally down with other members pitching in to help with the project, Berryfying lots and making them available for download. Even if you want to fill certain lots with custom built, Berryfied homes, I'm totally okay with adding your work to the world (and ultimately the save file). Please please please please let me know if you wish to help out and (once I get the list of lots set up in the next post) which lot(s) you wish to work on.

News and/or Updates (listed as most recent first):
[5/26/2012] - Official project start date.

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Lot Specifications

will be updated (hopefully) within the next week

Empty Lots:
Location | Size
  1. 508 Sample Lot Drive | 60 x 60
  2. 510 Sample Lot Drive | 40 x 30

Residential Lots:
Location | Specs (F: floor / R: rooms / B: bath) | Size
  1. 508 Sample Lot Drive | 3F / 4R / 3.5B | 60 x 60
  2. 510 Sample Lot Drive | 2R / 2B | 40 x 30

Community Lots:
Location | Type | Size
  1. 508 Sample Lot Drive | Hospital | 60 x 60
  2. 510 Sample Lot Drive | Salon | 40 x 30

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reserved for the sake of reserving in case I remember something later. x_o;

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