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Attempting a Berry Project - Roseford Hills

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1Attempting a Berry Project - Roseford Hills Empty Attempting a Berry Project - Roseford Hills on Thu Apr 11, 2013 9:50 am

Right, Hi. So I'm currently berryfying Roseford Hills. It's a lovely little town, not really much good for Legacies as it doesn't have a Legacy lot, however it's fun to play in, and would probably be good for stories. I'd link to it if I could, but as per forum rules I can't link to anything till this coming Saturday. If you just search for the town on The Sims 3 site you should be able to find it with ease.

Anyway, the main reason for this post is that although I'm doing alright with the berryfication of most of the town (again I'll link to my blog on it later when I can), I need a seasons/festival lot. I ideally want to change Roseford Central Park into the town's festival lot, but I have no idea how to make them. So is there anyone on here that knows how to make them and is willing to download the world to berryfy and festivalise this lot and share it with me? Please? I'd be ever so grateful for any help on this.

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Ok does anyone know how to recolour lots with late night buildings on them? Especially the apartment/club shells. Or am I going to have to delete the lots that are in the town and create my own so that they fit? Or find some lovely person to do it for me? Smile

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I should be able to post links now. Yay! Very Happy
So Roseford is here, if you want to have a gander.
And my blog with my progress of it is here. It's a work in progress so it'll change a bit once I manage to get a bit more organised, and of course not all the photos will be entirely up to date as I've been playing around a bit more. But they should be updated soon.
Anywho, feel free to go have a nosy if you've got the time, I'd appreciate any advice, suggestions, etc. Smile

Out of curiosity, if I upload a populated save file, eventually, (as well as an unpopulated one, should I add supernaturals? I'm not talking about fairies, as they wouldn't really fit, but maybe a sprinkling of others, like witches, vampires, genies and werewolves.

edit: yeah, I've decided against a populated file, I use waaay too much CC for it to be feasible. If I find all the CC that I've used in a Sim or an entire family or group then I'll upload them separately. But the save files I upload will be unpopulated for ease.

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I've decided that I really want an ice cream shop in Roseford Hills, and browsing through Around the Sims I want to fill in some of the other empty shops too. Add some extra places for story settings. So if I did upload a save file of this town (not populated mind you, my Sims are rarely CC free and I'd only upload them if I can manage to find all the CC I've used, not an easy feat), should I upload the full town with ice cream shop, wedding shop, etc, or just the normal, only important CC to download, one. Or should I just upload both?

More to the point would anyone actually want to download my berryfied project once I've finished it? Seriously I'd like to know.

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It looks great and I would definitely download it!

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Thanks for looking Pecan Pie! Very Happy

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