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Well Hello There, Let's Introduce Ourselves!

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1Well Hello There, Let's Introduce Ourselves! Empty Well Hello There, Let's Introduce Ourselves! on Sun Sep 25, 2011 6:40 pm

I know we had one of these on the other site, but not here! So welcome, why don't we all introduce our selves? Again... Laughing

Okay so~ My name is Amy. I go by LOVESTOSKATE on the sims webiste. The story behind the username? I have been figure skating for eight years and plan to continue 'till I am in college! I have a dog named Mickie and a cat named Peaches (Both girls). I loooove twilight and have big plans with friends to go see Breaking Dawn in November. I love to read and write. I have a sims rainbowcy called A Hint Of The Rainbow. I am also writing a book, but haven't written in it in a while. I love to talk to people, so feel free to talk to me- I make a great listener u.u

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I am Cami. I write stories Razz Only one of them is a Berry story - my rainbowcy but I still love all my 'nilla simmies Razz

I am Camimh on the forums and my blog is camisims . blogspot . com (sans spaces)

I love to read stories as well and will be venturing into NaNoWriMo this year, yeah that will be much craziness no doubt!

I'm on Twitter, the forums, Tumblr and even on FB (but that's less sims community related than the others)

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camimh wrote:
I love to read stories as well and will be venturing into NaNoWriMo this year, yeah that will be much craziness no doubt!

I was thinking of trying that out, but I'd probably stop writing after a few days...knowing me.

Anyways...hi! I'm Island! (Island6 on the Sims 3 Forums). I have a serious love for all animals, but especially DOLPHINS! they have always been my favourite ever since I was little, and it is my dream to meet one :]
My other dreams include -Travelling all across Europe
-Visiting HAWAII!! I've always wanted to learn to surf!
My hobbies include soccer, writing, and reading. I also have an obsession for all things Harry Potter.

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My name is Aliza. I am also Cutepuppy101 on the sims 3 sites. I haven't made a Berry Sweet in a while between school and camp but I now feel more motivated and will try to make one or two next weekend.
I am a human, not a puppy or a dog in case anyone is wondering. I'm more of a dog person but I also love cats. Well, I just love all animals!!! Very Happy cat pig elephant monkey albino

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Well, my name is Katie (known as ChristGirl201 on the sims 3 forums) and my username is kinda self explainitory Laughing Anywho, senior in high school this year, has had an eye on berry's youtube when I first head about Misfortunes of Kate and has been a lurker for a loonnnggg time! Can't wait for weekends and a night owl, no pets (sadly) but can't wait to have them in the sims game!!

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Hello all, I am TippieTips. Same UN as on sims3 forums. Though, you can just call me Tippie. Or Tips. Whatever suits your fancy.

I'm big into writing and am actually studying in college on a degree in English and have big plans on, hopefully, becoming a published author someday.

I don't participate in any sports anymore, but I used to be heavy into fencing. Another big passion of mine is my recently discovered talent for dancing. I go down weekly to a very large swing dance group in my city. It's quite fun.

I am very much into the two legacies I have. One is my berry sweet legacy, A Secret Identity (A Life in the Lights and also, A Journey Through Life), and my vanilla sim legacy, The Blaze Legacy. Smile

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I'm Nadzicle (aka Nadia), and I have the same UN on the TS3 forum, on wordpress, tumblr AND twitter. Lol.
I have no plans whatsoever. And no pets. My housemate, however has two cats, Captain Jack Sparrow (who is a whiney, annoying cat) and Holly Polly (who is only whiney when it comes to food). I don't goto school, and I don't work, but I do have a full-time career being a Stay at home mum. Haha.

I have one story, which is on indefinite hiatus: Rags to Riches Rainbowcy (.wordpress), a Collab called Rough Something (.wordpress), and a DITFT that I'm working on, but am waiting for Pets before I play. I've only written the prologue and part of Chapter 1, but I'm loving it so far.


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8Well Hello There, Let's Introduce Ourselves! Empty Hiya ;) Name is Amy ;) on Mon Sep 26, 2011 11:15 am

Wow Berry, thanks for creating a forum like this. I love it! Anyways, my name is Amy; I live in NC and have three wonderful kids and a hubby. I am majorly addicted to Sims like the rest of us! It wasn't until Sims 2 that I discovered writing stories and legacy challenges. I have dabbled in story writing and the legacy challenges, but have yet to complete a full legacy. I was working on a legacy story using the berry colors with a different take. They were alien refugees from another world. I'm attempting to finish the story, but have had so many problems with generations that it is frustrating! I'm also starting a new story idea.
Enough about me, Berry's rainbowcy story was the first one I came across when she first started her story, and I really have to say out of all the stories I have read, I think Berry is a very talented writer. She makes me sit impatiently in my seat waiting for the next chapter just so I can find out what has happened. There are a few other stories I like, but she is by far my favorite. Very Happy Thanks for all the great stories, and thank you for sharing them with us. Wink

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Ollo! I'm Berry. Very Happy

I'm from Cali, and as most of you know, I have a slight obsession with Sims, photography and storytelling. I enjoy entertaining others, and I am fairly busy yoga instructor...which means even still, I have a berry-load of free time. Thank you all for joining, or lurking or whatever you happen to be doing!!

You guys make my dreams come true with all your support! I will never be able to express it enough. I love you

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10Well Hello There, Let's Introduce Ourselves! Empty Re: Well Hello There, Let's Introduce Ourselves! on Mon Sep 26, 2011 12:56 pm

Hi everyone!! I'm Callie (unfortunately not from Cali, though that would be awesome), I'm 16 years old and anxiously waiting to turn 17 next year so I can learn to drive!! I live in the south east of England but my heart really belongs to this cute little place called the USA, and it would be a dream come true to live there I love you

It was only fairly recently that I stumbled across the sims 3 community, but I'm absolutely in love with it and can't imagine not having you guys to talk to now! I have met so many wonderful people - either through reading their legacies, or them reading mine, the forums, even twitter - and I feel so honoured to feel part of the very Sweetest of sims communities :]

As well as America and the Sims, my various other obsessions include but are not limited to: pole vault, Charlie McDonnell, Shane Dawson, My Chemical Romance, billingualism, Harry Potter and Australia.

Hope you're all having a lovely day!♥️

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*waves* I go by Gomar or Sabrina. Smile I live in 'lil 'ole Tennessee. I am 19 and currently attending college for my Forensic Psych Degree.

Writing has always been a passion of mine, though as I grew up I started growing out of it...

I found the wonderful community of simmers just about a year ago and became involved just recently. Then came the Berry Sims community, where I have settled in quite comfortably.

With the great finding of sims legacies, my burning childhood passion of writing has rekindled and I have oh so mnany stories i wish to share with you guys!

And besides, that there is not much more to say. I love Sims and have smushed them with my many other obssessions of Sailor Moon, Harry Potter, Etc.

I love talking, so feel free to follow me on Tumblr and maybe Twitter if I get to know you more. Razz

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Hi! I'm capri-cious, my username on the sims 3 forums is JustMyLife, which is a username I don't really like anymore so I don't often go there anymore. I'm Dutch, so don't be surprised when you see me messing up with spelling, grammar, etc. I love playing the sims 3, especially creating sims and writing stories about them. Next to the sims 3 I love Hetalia, Harry Potter, Homestuck, drawing, singing, acting and playing badminton. Next to all these hobbies I also try to make enough time for school which is... difficult >.>
And that's about it I guess Very Happy.

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My name is Angel. I'm 22 and go by angelpi on the Sims 3 site. I live in MI and primarily do my Simming during the summer as I take college courses in the fall and winter. I've done quite a few interesting things in my years; In high school, I held roles in most of the productions the drama club put on, I did a brief stint on the college's radio staff and, for a semester, was a reporter for the college's newspaper. I got into Berry Sweets during Rose's generation of the Tea Legacy in which Saffron from Splash appeared as her bestie. I've been hooked ever since, although I do still dabble into the lives of the Vanilla occasionally.
Also, I can't wait until Pets! I have three cats, a pug, two guinea pigs and a bird, so you can tell that I love animals!

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Hello! You can call me Sakura, I'm 18 years old and I live in Brazil (: I love playing almost any kind of video-games (with my favorites being Sims 3, Diablo 2, FFTA2 and Ragnarok). I'm really shy and I hate crowded places ):
My biggest dream is to became a geneticist and work with stem-cells!

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To keep it simple I use the same username everywhere but if you've seen me around you might already know that (although I do prefer Thea ^__^)

I absolutely love story telling and the sims so having a blog is the absolutely perfect. I live in the UK although I am American and work pretty insane hours a lot of the time. Luckily I have a hubby who supports my need to be creative and play sims I love you

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I'm Mia, I write.

Seriously, I write. Writing sits very closely with The Sims in my 'almost a drug' category, I love the tak-a-tak sound the keys make as I type[Is brilliant on a typewriter too, I have one so as to not get distracted when I want to write my book.]

I've been a Sims fan since I was introduced to The Sims 1 by my mother when I was younger, I remember how much I loved it, even with its limited movability. Then I came home from school when I was twelve or so, and there was mum playing a new game, The Sims 2, I sat there google-eyed watching her for hours before she let me have a go. I fell in love again, over and over again.

When Sims 3 was announced I was wary, the pictures that circulated didn't impress me, but I got the game anyway, I was determined to give it a go, and I am glad I did...I found Berry's Misfortunes of Kate and loved it all the way through, then the Berry Sims popped up, and my immediate thought was 'MUST TRY!' So here I am, surrounded by friends old and new, who are my inspiration to keep on writing.


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Hi, I'm ginnymalfoy, though you can call me Annie. I'm from New Zealand. At the moment I don't have any rainbowcy or Berry Sweet story (I'm doing two legacies and I don't want to give myself more. I'm not crazy like some people *coughCamicough*), however all my other games always seem to end up with Berry Sweets.

As well as as Sims addict I'm a Potterhead, a history nut, and, like many of you, a writer. I've been writing as long as I can remember, and I hope to get published one day. I just love sharing my writing with people, which is why I'm doing my vampiracy (though my famacy is more of a way to get away from the seriousness of the Gilberts), though I'll admit I don't put too much effort into it, but I think over tim I'm putting in more.

Oh, and I'm very good at getting my best friend addicted to Sims and Berry Sweets too.

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18Well Hello There, Let's Introduce Ourselves! Empty Ello Mates! on Mon Sep 26, 2011 5:18 pm

My name is SimChick1016, but you can just call me Sim, Simmie, SimChick, SC, basically anything that pops into your head at the time. Razz I LOVE sims. I'm addicted to berry sweets, I love music (I'm OBSESSED with Never Shout Never-- That's a band). I've always loved animals, so I'm super stoked for my pre-order of PETS. Can't wait! bounce bounce bounce

Let's see... What else? I'm in college and loving it-- Especially the hotties with the bodies. Shocked

And I love 90s nickelodeon and classic Disney movies.

So yeah,
Happy Simming! I love you Like a Star @ heaven

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Hello there! I go by Tari (Elentari412 on the sims 3), and I'm a 16-year old who desperately wants and English degree. I too, like many of you I see, love to write. Writing is my life. When I'm not busy at school or writing, I perform in theater, paint, draw, and play my saxophone. I love the arts... I'm even attending an arts high school in my home-state of MN. It's cold here.

Hope to see you around!

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Hello everyone!

I'm Gabrielle (or Gabby).On the sims 3 forums my username is rockbtmchk..I've been using this name since I was in middle school and I hate it! haha, an upgrade has been long due Wink. I'm from Pennsylvania and I've been a simmer since the original sims. I'm still a bit new to the Berry Sims, but when I first saw Berry's creations on the sims 3 forums I was completely head over heels with the idea of tasty named simmies with brightly colored skins/hairs/eyes etc. I'm currently writing a rainbowcy with my first ever berry family, the Cobblers. Since that is my first legacy, it's not the best Embarassed but it's super fun to play and write. Speaking of writing; I love to write, read, laugh, hang out with my friends, play with my doggie Jasper, and play video games. Very Happy

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We have a dog named Jasper too! He's a beagle. We also have Yoshi who is a Shiba Inu Smile

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Hiya, I'm Cutebina (On the officials.. and everywhere else xD but I prefer to be called Bina Smile I absolutely love berry sims <3 Well.. I'm like a moth except I'm attracted to bright colours hehe I'm a student and I love having fun, I'm also part of the modelling community and... I don't have much to say lol I love you

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camimh wrote:We have a dog named Jasper too! He's a beagle. We also have Yoshi who is a Shiba Inu Smile

aw!i bet jasper and yoshi are adorable. i love dogs! my jasper is a golden retriever I love you i love him to pieces.

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24Well Hello There, Let's Introduce Ourselves! Empty Mia on Mon Sep 26, 2011 9:29 pm

Seriously, I write. Writing sits very closely with The Sims in my 'almost a drug' category, I love the tak-a-tak sound the keys make as I type[Is brilliant on a typewriter too, I have one so as to not get distracted when I want to write my book.]

What do you write? Do you have anything published? I love reading. It is one of my pastimes besides the sims. Very Happy I've thought about writing myself several times, and often come up with ideas that I would want to write about, but work always get in the way. My mother got me a kindle last year for christmas and so now i get all my books there...I love that thing!

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I am always lurking on all your berry stories, so I thought I should introduce myself Smile My name is Karin, I live in the Netherlands. I love writing like all of you and have one story/legacy running. Smile

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