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The Fraise Twins

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1The Fraise Twins Empty The Fraise Twins on Sun Oct 30, 2011 3:07 pm

The Friase Twins

Aromel Fizz and Avalon Pop have been joined at the hip since childhood. They couldn't be seperated. And as the years went on, nothing changed. The two now live together, co-existing in their happy-twin-bubble. Aromels timid, clumsy nature is compensated by the charismatic charms of her older (by 18 minutes) brother, whilst Avalon, so engrossed in his cooking and sports is kept in check by his baby sisters level-headed mindset. Their former nickname of 'Dynamic Duo' ran from their toddler years, right up until now. But with Avalon recieving admiring glances from every angle, can Aromel keep up the facade of a supportive sister, when her brother walks all over her?

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