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1New not new Empty New not new on Tue Oct 22, 2013 11:04 pm

Hello Everyone,
I'm new here to the berry sweet world, but I've been looking and playing with berry sweets since Berry's Splash Of Color. My own rainbowcy will be on the roll soon and I am really hoping that it goes well.
You can call me Storm {not my real name, but due to my temperament its a nickname that stuck.}Embarassed  I'm 18 years old almost 19 my birthday is Nov. 26th, and happily engaged to my Mr. Right. We have been together since 1.09.2013❤ 

Enough about me, lets get on to my simmies. I prefer for my sims to be ugly as I can possible make them. I just love the curves in throw into the genetics because I guess berry sweets weren't enough.

I've decided that I will be signing up for the sims 3 forums on a new name, around my birthday when I buy a new expansion pack. I choose the name I have now when I was 13-14 and its not really the best. In fact I never really use it anymore, but I wanted to get into all of the building and all that.Rolling Eyes 

Pretty sure this is long enough, good evening everyone.

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