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Well hello everybody!

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1Well hello everybody! Empty Well hello everybody! on Mon Apr 08, 2013 9:02 am

I've been into the sims for a long time (But just finally got any good at modding it and such) and I want to get back into the swing of writing Sims stories!
I had one back when making Facebook legacies seemed...valid. Then they updated the photo uploads and it all went downhill, my save file did too. That was maybe three or so years ago, I forget!

I actually thought I shouldn't want to write any more Sims stories and should get a job, cause I thought 22 year olds shouldn't do such things, but all the good stories I read are from college students and even mothers, so that makes it count as an adult hobby in my book!

So yeah, just saying Hi and that I'm thinking of starting a story (and sorta seeing if anyone would care, none of the forums except this one seem to be active, at least on this site)

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