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1New to Berry Empty New to Berry on Sat Mar 16, 2013 10:41 pm

Hi Everyone, I am not sure how I found Berry, I just know I did. At first I thought, why would you make your sims different colors and why so many colors of hair on the exchange. But now I know. OMB, I love it, it has changed how I play the Sims. I have finally finished reading A Splash of Color. I would read until I was falling asleep. I fell in love with every generation. I fought tears with each passing. Now just to let you all know. I will be 60 this summer. My husband of only 2 years gave me Sims3 last April 1st to give me something to do when I can't get out. That happens alot due to FibroMyalgia. I know have everything except the Katy Perry Showtime. I do have Showtime, I also have lots of CC and almost 75% of the store items. You might say I am addicted. I love to write stories, and I was always thinking of stories with each of my Sims, I even started a a couple but due to computer issues I lost my sims. Well since discovering Berry Sims, I have really gotten motivated. I am totally redoing Sunlite Tides, replacing the occupants with the ones from Berry, or just redoing the ones there if I find them interesting.
I would love to DL some of the CC here, but truth is I am sort of confused as to how to get stuff like skins, and other things into my game. My CC is ususally from TSR.
I am looking forward to meeting everyone and sharing ideas. I have been jumping all over this site for hours. I figure I should say hi.
Happy Berry Simming Everyone,

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