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A fresh Start and hopefully a welcome back in

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So this is Tinkerbelch from the other fourm site, don't ask me why i changed my user name for this one silent I honestly wouldn't be able to tell you except i was feeling a little nostalgic the night i did this. LOL anyway i've been very absent from the simming world for awhile now, and some of it has to do with my computer issues, and some of it has to do with life just getting in the way of my gaming lol! In the past 6 months ive had a lot of big things happen in my life, like getting married to my long time boyfriend, and then just two months ago getting a promotion at my job. Which seems to leave me very little time to myself. And my contining reading of Berry's rainbowcy along with cupcakes. Its made me miss the berry sweet sims, and the community that goes along with it. ANYWAY! So ive been able to get some of my computer issues fixed but not all which has allowed me to have my CC back meaning i get to have my berry sweets back. I have always loved them and so have missed them dearly since i lost the CC. so im gonna start a new rainbowcy, been working on the town and getting it ready along with doing a LOT of recoloring lol! Ive also decided its going to be a DIFT Rainbowcy, this gives me a little direction with the story lines and such. so anyway ill hopefully have the website and the first chapter up later today. So TTFN! Ta Ta For Now!! and hope to see the rest of you soon Smile

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That's awesome! Smile Welcome back and congrats on the wedding and promotion! <3

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ty Smile

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Yay! Tink/Lily is baaacccck :3 Can I still call you Tink? :p

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LOL! of course! Smile

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Welcome back Tink!

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Thanks Smile

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