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4 Gene Pools + 200 Babies: A very different Berry Sweet Baby Challenge

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After flicking through a few 100 Baby Challenge stories, I became more and more inspired to create my own. However, as I flipped from one to the next, I also decided that--knowing myself--I would get VERY bored with the same genetic make up being shown over and Over and OVER again a hundred times. Ugh.

So, as I flicked through yet another Baby Challenge, a thought occurred to me the other night. What if there was more than one 'Founder'?


No way.

Yes way. Alas. I am starting a 200 (this part may change xD ) Berry Sweet Baby Challenge with not one, not two, not even three Founding Mommies, but


Founding Mommies.

Now wait, wait wait! Before you say "Berry Sweets? I don't do Berry Sweets" or "Colorful sims aren't really my thing," Don't leave! I have two propositions to make.

1. If you donate your daddies (or even your mommies who will be converted into daddies xD) vanilla or berried, I myself will berrify them. That way, I'm still getting daddies for this challenge and you don't have to feel excluded or like you're not getting anything out of this. Not only that, but if you would like your Daddy back after he's been berrified, just let me know and I'll re-upload him for you.

2. If you just don't enjoy looking at Berry Sims, I challenge you to check out a couple of these dumplings before you completely cross this off your list. Once you fall in love with a berry sweetie, it's hard to go back! The whole point of this experiment is to take a hundred different daddies and make the most brilliant amount of color combinations possible!


Now that you've officially been thoroughly convinced that this will be worth a gander and now that you've convinced yourself that you want to link your baby daddy to find out not only what his baby will look like, but possibly what he himself will look like as a berry...

I would like to cordially introduce you to his future baby mamas...

Grenadine is a bit of a firecracker. Flirty, firey and as red-hot as the skin she's in, she will chew up your man and spit him out as easily as a day old gumball. She's got a take no -- attitude and a spicy taste for life, love and things that shall not be named ^-^

Banana, a small town, southern belle, happens to be an exact opposite of her counterpart, Grenadine. Sweet in everything from her name to her style, she makes a loving, adoring mother and a kind and trustworthy friend. With her clumsy footwork and friendly personality, your suitor will fall head over heels for Ms. Crumble before you can say Baby Mama

Delphy is a sassy, swanky perfectionist who'll do anything you can think of in order to gain a one-up on a fellow competitor. Ambitious and daring, she'll sweep her potential men right off their feet and into the bedroom... or anywhere else they dare her to go ^-^

Tree-hugging, outdoor-loving Rosemary is your fully-fledged Hippie. Spacing out and taking things slowly is always her style, except when it comes to baby making. This Au Natural lady Sweet will use her suave and sensual persona in order to lure her potentials into her shoeless, shaveless bedroom wonder...


So there you have it. Four Berry Sweet beauties, each within their own element and each accepting potential suitors! If you have a Daddy--berrified or not--feel free to give me a link to him or tell me the name to find in your studio.

Again, They do NOT have to be Berry Daddies!
And if you'd like to request a specific Lady to procreate with, just let me know! ^-^

I also haven't seen this done before. If I took someone else's idea, I'm very sorry and just let me know! I'll link your story here ^-^


I just copied and pasted this straight from the TS3 Forums, so I obviously know you guys aren't against Berry Sweets xD But hopefully you'll follow along and submit your daddies! I expect wonders from you guys since, yanno, this is the Berry Sweet Site xP

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I have a feeling everyone on these forums enjoy berry sweet sims. I know I do! Very Happy
Edit: whoops, just saw that you copied and pasted it from the sims forums Embarassed . Well, I still <3 berry sweets!

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Hahaha, yeah, that's exactly what I had though Laughing I just didn't feel like editing it out at the time xP

AND! If you have any berry dads, link them here! Or a place where I can grab some from ^-^


http: //kyrstenasimblr. tumblr. com
Here ^^is where you can find the tumblr


http: //forum. thesims3. com/jforum/posts/list/
Here ^^ is where you can find the TS3 board ^-^ I'm kind of updating them as I please, so you may in fact see different stuff on one than you would on the other. Additional pics will get thrown into tumbly posts.

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Eee! I can't wait to read!! Going to be fun to read! Razz

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Will make a few daddies for you, love <3

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lol, oh dear, I think my YA males in my sim bin are thinking "HOLY SWEET BERRY OF EVERYTHING SWEET! affraid What a Face " Razz

I'm working on a machinima right now, and the main character is a YA sim....I was gonna wait till after the movie was done, but I might just upload him now after all. cat

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Alright, my lovlies....I give you, Neapolitan Swirl!

Traits: Hopeless Romantic, Clumsy, Natural Cook, Loser, Schmoozer

This sweet fellow, while always tripping over his own two feet, never stumbles in the kitchen, his devine area od expertise. He's a true romantic at heart, but often fails in trying to find the woman of his dreams. It's not that he can't charm's just that the girls he picks can't be charmed, so he's always in constant failure. He hopes one day he'll meet a woman who will give him a chance, and make his dreams come true. Do you know that woman?

The ONLY, I repeat, ONLY thing that is CC is the hair, and I just couldn't part with it for suits him so well that I had a tough time trying to picture him in other hairstyles. Luckily for everyone, the hair is free, so yay! Very Happy

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I can't wait Surprised I love you

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