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The Frosting Legacy // The Frosting on the Cake

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A ray of sunshine, on a cloudy day.<3

Sunflower Chapter 10 Pt.2~

I love all you amazing readers so much you have no idea!<3
it had to be said! cause it is very true!
wish I could hug all of you right now.

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Chapter 11 pt.1 & Chapter 11 pt.2

Part 2 took so much longer than I thought it would! I was having trouble writing it. :/
But all is good now! Smile

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hmm, to start where i left off, or to start from the newest gen.

I think i'll... wait, until i at least get caught up to a manageable distance with mia's

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that'd be a good idea <3 start where ever you want. Smile so happy you are back Music!<3 *hugs*

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And I bring you~

~Another Chance~

~Little Sister~


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Sunflower Chapter 12 pt.1

now I just need to finish writing part 2! Smile

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no no no! not surprised but crazy robot is after Sunny ack >.<

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Evil robot is evil.. u.u hehe

I can not believe how short this one is, I just can't. :O
but I do like how it came out. Smile

~Chapter 12 pt.2~

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Chapter 13 pt.1& Chapter 13 pt.2

Now I gotta build 2 houses! Very Happy I am so excited! lol
then I'm gotta do something with my sims for Christmas! c:
And after that, I am gonna take a nice winter break from writing. I will have more info when that happens! c:

All my readers are amazing! I love every single one of you so much!! <3

I hope you enjoy my chapter!

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Oww so much chapters to read but it is going to be awesome!

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hope you enjoy itt!! <3

Sunflower Chapter 14

I think Chapter 15 will be sunflowers last chapter possibly. <3

That's it for me, on to my break i go!~
Merry Christmas everyone!<3

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Sunflower Chapter 15~ <3

This may be her last chapter! possibly.. a part of me wants there to be another... so we'll see. :3

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sorry keep forgetting to update here~

Sunflower Chapter 16

Philly Chapter 1~

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~Chapter 2~

~Chapter 3~

There will be a special next! Smile
I even already have most the pictures! just need to write!

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Part 1 & Part 2

I love having ghosts in my legacy way to much.. :3

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keep forgetting to post here <3 sorry.. <3

~Chapter 4~


This one has to be the best chapter I've written in a while! c:

~Chapter 5~


Anyways I bring good news! I have half of my next chapter written! Very Happy and half of the pictures for the chapter after that taken!

And if you didn't know, Kobi and Sahara took over my tumblr today!~ <3 I love those two so much! yeah.. n.n was kinda a little present for myself lol my birthday is in 3 days after all!

My next chapter should be up tomorrow hopefully!<333

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Smile I said it'd be today! <3

~Chapter 6~

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Happy Birthday Risa!
I hope you have a terrific birthday!
And I just wanted to show you something Wink

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Thank you so much TNT!! <3 your the best! I love you


I can not wait to get my game loaded!! I must get part 2s pics now! Smile
Oh and in part 2, we will be seeing Citrus too!! n.n

~Philly Frosting Chapter 7 Pt.1~

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Ack i've got a lot to catch up on! i think i left off just as the boys where heading off to France on a rescue mission...

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Very Happy so happy you got caught up Music!! <3

- I am late.. again! :c

~Chapter 7 pt.2~

Another Frosting Wedding Special

Since I am super late updating here once again... You get a tiny sneak peek!~

It's a girl!! :DD

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have not been here in a long while! D:

yes i am still writing my Frosting legacy~ table of contents

1 more generation and i am done. or gen 10 is already alive in my game, the 10th heir hasn't been chosen yet. c:

My last chapter was Drupe's 12th chapter~

Drupe Frosting, Chapter 12

here's a little (sneak peek) picture of Drupe's next chapter, there's one similar on  my tumblr,

here's some random pics i just took today of my old sims maybe you recognize them, c:

Lavender & Ice Flake Frosting.

Mozz & ghosty Dandelion.

here's an adorable picture of Kobi too!~

I've been drawing my heirs families  for a family tree project i am working on~

it's gonna be cute, hopefully.

lastly these berry sweet doll houses i made, i wanna share with everyone~

you can see them closer up & download them at my tumblr~ [Here] <3

i also have many many downloadable berry sweet houses on my tumblr under the downloads tag c: if you wanna check it out.

will try my best to post my updates here, if anyone's around. <3

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