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Berry Neopets

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1Berry Neopets Empty Berry Neopets on Tue Feb 26, 2013 5:14 pm

I've created what I call Berry Neopets. I base their colors on certain genetic variations and switch the gene code around with the father rainbow style for each Berry Neopet that I create.
If I had my way, we'd be able to include furries in the Sims 3 as well as the more human types. My latest thing is Berry demon Neopets, I use donors mating with the main character to make different color combinations. I change the main player's color combo genes for each mating.
I KNOW I couldn't actually do that in the GAME, but if there were a way to choose hair, eye, and skin color genes from a panel and mix them with a selected "donor" that would be for the best.
If you wish to recreate the youngest Berry Neopets, here's what you add for each:

1. Heather: Pink hair, purple skin and blue eyes
2. Gabriel, Pink hair red skin and green slit pupil eyes he wears glasses* (The inspiration for Gabriel's creation was a character from my childhood, Scooter from the Muppets)
3. Valoria: Medium purple skin, magenta curly hair, hot pink eyes
4. Tia: Turquoise skin, purple hair, indigo-purple eyes*

The ones with the stars next to them are Berry demons, that means they've got slit pupil eyes, and claws, horns & tails the same color as their eyes. Heather & Gabriel are kids, and Valoria & Tia are twins, they're toddlers.
I'd also considerably slow down the aging process if I could, just to give the Neopets a longer life span. I've created pictures of them in the past but those are private. I've got teenage and young adult Berry Neopets as well, but I'd feel better if they weren't on here.
I just thought I'd discuss this on here because I've really got nowhere else to put it. Other people who don't understand the Sims keep putting down my ideas about Berry Neopets.
I'd like it if the pregnancies could be extended in the Sims as well as the lifespans and that pregnant Sims could go in for medical testing, ultrasounds, and nICU treatment, similar to a human gestation.
That's all I've got to say on this, please tell me what you think of this idea.

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