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Cornflower Peachpuff

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1Cornflower Peachpuff Empty Cornflower Peachpuff on Sun Sep 25, 2011 5:39 pm

Cornflower Peachpuff

download here!
so i can't post external links for a week apparently? :s, so if you want her, check my studio, i'm Cabertha on TS3!
Cornflower Peachpuff Screenshot53o

Cornflower Peachpuff Screenshot54t

"this, is Cornflower Peachpuff. she's my idol. she's a sort of celebrity around Toffeebrooke, well, to anyone that knows anything about art."

Cornflower Peachpuff Clover

"and that's me, Clover Cookie, or CC, i hate the name Clover. i also hate my picture being taken, so this is the only one you'll ever see of me. Cornflower stole my camera from me and snapped it. see how good she is!"

"we're at the park right now, Cornflower comes here to meditate. she loves nothing more than being outdoors, when she can be at one with nature"

Cornflower Peachpuff Screenshot51o

Cornflower Peachpuff Screenshot49j

"this will come as no surprise to anyone that knows of her photographs and paintings. she only paints landscapes and will sit for hours with her camera on her lap, waiting for the right lighting to hit the bay.
here she is on some far off hill to get the right shot. boy, did that take some trekking to get to!"
Cornflower Peachpuff Screenshot59b

Cornflower Peachpuff Screenshot58e

"that night we camped out. i toasted marshmallows whilst she painted her heart away. she finally relaxed once it became too dark to paint anymore. we talked into the early hours of the morning about her inspirations."

Cornflower Peachpuff Screenshot60b

"the following day, we returned to her house so i could watch her paint yet again. it was so inspirational!"

Cornflower Peachpuff Screenshot37dj

"watching her face furrow in concentration gave me some comfort to know that she didn't just breeze through her amazing art!"

Cornflower Peachpuff Screenshot39s

"that night, she was having a showcase at the local gallery, which Cornflower invited me to! i was so excited."

Cornflower Peachpuff Screenshot43h

"here's Cornflower talking to Flame, a local socialite who has been known to commision thousands of pounds worth of art from Cornflower. it's probably why she's looking so happy!"

Cornflower Peachpuff Screenshot46y

"finally, to finish off, we looked at some of her clothes, and had a 'girly' photoshoot."
Cornflower Peachpuff Screenshot63tm

Cornflower Peachpuff Screenshot64g

Cornflower Peachpuff Screenshot65l

Cornflower Peachpuff Screenshot67

Cornflower Peachpuff Screenshot69

Cornflower Peachpuff Screenshot70ce

Cornflower Peachpuff Screenshot71

Cornflower Peachpuff Screenshot72f

"and that concludes my photo-diary of Cornflower Peachpuff!"

i wanted to try something abit more.. different, to showcase a sim!
she has three every day outfits, one for 'painting', one for social activities and relaxing, and a final one for pregnancy. i cannot stand seing sims walk around my town in horrid cc when pregnant!
she also has two formal wears, one for posh shindigs, the other for going out with the girlies!

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2Cornflower Peachpuff Empty Wow! on Sun Sep 25, 2011 10:39 pm

She is adorable!!

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3Cornflower Peachpuff Empty Re: Cornflower Peachpuff on Mon Sep 26, 2011 4:50 pm

Thanks, SimChick!

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4Cornflower Peachpuff Empty Re: Cornflower Peachpuff on Mon Sep 26, 2011 5:11 pm

You're welcome! Very Happy

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5Cornflower Peachpuff Empty Re: Cornflower Peachpuff on Wed Sep 28, 2011 6:51 pm

I love her! Where did you get her hair?

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6Cornflower Peachpuff Empty Re: Cornflower Peachpuff on Thu Sep 29, 2011 5:08 am

I'm not sure, Ha123, all the CC i have is from downloading sims from the exchange!

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7Cornflower Peachpuff Empty Re: Cornflower Peachpuff on Thu Sep 29, 2011 7:35 am

Pretty sure Cornflowers hair is by Peggy. >_> I can't confirm it, though.

Edit: Well, I can now. I took a look around and I found this retexture: I'd have looked on peggys site but it seems to hate me and doesn't load. -shrug- The picture isn't very good quality, though.

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8Cornflower Peachpuff Empty Re: Cornflower Peachpuff on Thu Sep 29, 2011 8:11 pm

@Cab- I have trouble getting CC from the exchange... any time I see something I like it doesn't load! Oh well I love the sim! Great job!

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